Black Mental Wellness, Corp.

P.O. Box 90063
Washington, D.C. 20001


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The Black Mental Wellness team is available to provide a range of services to you and/or your organization.  Please review examples of services that we provide related to consultations; presentations, workshops, and trainings; and speaking engagements.  If you are interested in working with our team, please contact






























Clinical Consultation: Mental Health Professionals

  • Supervision related to working with Black patients/clients/consumers

  • Managing work related racial microaggressions

  • Conducting culturally relevant clinical intakes

  • Providing culturally relevant clinical services

  • Increasing diversity within your organization

Clinical Consultation: Consumers of Mental Health Services

  • Advice on how to discuss racial and cultural issues with your therapist

  • Recommendations on how to talk with loved ones about participating in their own therapy

  • Discussing and preparing children for racial discrimination and inequality

  • Prevention and treatment of issues related to skin color and hair texture in children and adults



Presentations, Workshops & Trainings


Academic Presentations, Case Conferences, and Clinical Trainings

  • Educating staff on ways to provide culturally sensitive and relevant services

  • Discussing race and culture with children

  • Navigating incarceration/prison related family stressors

  • Responding to racial microaggressions in the workplace

  • Decreasing the devastatingly high levels of mortality rates of pregnant/postnatal Black mothers and babies

  • Understanding the role of skin color, hair texture and speech in intragroup prejudice within the Black community

  • Discussing the neurological correlation between historical trauma and manifestations of current trauma within the Black community


Community Education, Trainings, and Collaborations

  • Understanding the role of mental health in community health

  • Participation in health-related symposiums


Speaking Engagements


Speaking Engagements, Panel Discussions, and Keynote Addresses

  • Barriers to mental health service use among Black youth and families

  • Careers in the mental health field

  • Strategies for increasing the visible representation of Black mental health professionals