Black Mental Wellness, Corp.

P.O. Box 90063
Washington, D.C. 20001


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Meet the team

who we are

Black Mental Wellness is a corporation, founded by 5 clinical psychologists, who are passionate about creating a platform to address mental health and wellness concerns specific to the Black community.  Our team has a diverse range of educational and specialized training to meet this task, and we are committed to collaborating and partnering with other professionals who share a similar passion.

Our Goals

  1. Community: Black Mental Wellness will decrease the mental health stigma in the Black community by increasing mental health awareness and knowledge; providing coping and wellness strategies; and increasing access to mental health and wellness resources, programs, and culturally competent mental health professionals.

  2. Trainees: Black Mental Wellness will increase training opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about Black mental health and wellness. This includes internships and mentoring opportunities to connect students with Black mental health professionals.

  3. Professionals: Black Mental Wellness will provide training opportunities for professionals and host a platform to allow professionals to expand their clientele and highlight their work.

What We Provide

  • Fact Sheets on mental illnesses

  • Coping strategies and self-care resources

  • Culturally sensitive educational resources 

  • Brand Ambassadors

  • Featured mental health topics addressing mental health in the Black community

  • Workshops

  • Spotlight on professionals in the mental health field

  • Student Training Opportunities: Internship and mentor program

  • Networking opportunities among professionals

Coming Soon

Our team is already working to expand and improve our Black Mental Wellness platform.  Our goal is to address the multifaceted needs that are necessary to improve Black mental health and wellness, and we cannot do it independently.  We need partnerships, collaborations, and the community to help us accomplish our mission. 


  • Black Mental Wellness Conference

  • Black Mental Wellness Training (online and in-person)

  • Collaboration with community agencies (churches, barbershop/hair salon), community programs

  • Mental Health Newsletter
  • Mental Health Provider Listing

  • Merchandise

  • Video Presentations/Demonstrations

If you are interested in connecting with the Black Mental Wellness team, please click here for more information

meet the founders

Dr. Nicole L. Cammack, PhD

President and CEO

Dr. Danielle R. Busby, PhD

Vice President of Professional Relations and Liaison

Dr. Dana L. Cunningham, PhD

Vice President of Community Outreach and Engagement

Dr. Jessica S. Henry, PhD

Vice President of Digital Health Content, Evaluation, and Monitoring