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Spotlight Interview

Guest Contributor:

Sarafina Arthur-Williams

Wellness Therapist, Consultant, & Artist

CEO & Founder of Intentional Simplicity, LLC

Sarafina Arthur-Williams is a Wellness Therapist, Consultant, Artist, and LGBTQIA+ Safe Zone. She is also the CEO and founder of her company, Intentional Simplicity, a wellness-based private practice that focuses on who her clients are and how their minds work. In the video and interview below, she tells us more about her work and journey.

Tell us about your work related to mental health and wellness:

As a therapist, I have come to understand that people strive to be heard and to share their perspective on the world. With this, I open the space for people to gain an understanding of their purpose, themselves, and the world around them.

When working with others, I focus on the exploration and interpersonal relationship building. I explore how self-expression through a variety of virtuosity mediums merges with my client’s identity. I create a space that capitalizes on diversity and meets the needs of clients by offering a variety of interventions and therapeutic techniques. I find value in encouraging people to develop their identity.

I challenge my clients by emboldening them to question things when they are skeptical or researching when they need more understanding. I support their journey while also instilling an atmosphere of set expectations so personal growth cannot only be pursued but also achieved. I foster this by encouraging them to place themselves in an environment outside of the therapeutic space where they can build individuation and self-expression.

I do not present as all-knowing, or an expert on life, however, I offer a space of credibility. I am skilled in several theoretical orientations, multicultural competencies, creative expressions, and counseling techniques. I hold a psychology master’s degree from Carlow University. I have also taken several masters level Art Therapy courses to support my journey as a therapist and I am currently pursuing a doctorate in clinical psychology (Psy.d).