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Black Mental Wellness® Day

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Black Mental Wellness Day is a transformative and empowering virtual event dedicated to Black Mental Health and Wellness. In recognition of the unique mental health challenges faced by the Black community, this day has been curated as a day filled with engaging workshops and educational sessions aimed at promoting mental well-being and personal growth.

2024 Black Mental Wellness Day


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Healing and Wellness Toolkit


Welcome and thank you for reading the Healing and Wellness Toolkit presented by Black Mental Wellness.

Healing is a unique personal journey - it doesn’t contain the same obstacles, it doesn’t have the same timelines, and it doesn’t require the same accomplishments to reach success.

Resources are listed in alphabetical order under their  designated category (books are in alphabetical order by title) and all underlined listings are clickable links.

This toolkit was compiled by Caisha Williams, BSN, RN, PMH-BC.

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