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Research Studies

"Everyday Resistance in the Lives of Black Women"

Purpose and description of the study (including research methods):

This research is a qualitative study exploring Black women's experiences of resistance to oppression in their everyday lives. Each participant will engage in a 1-1.5 hour interview in person. In this study, I'll ask questions related to emotions, resistance strategies, relationships to others, and dreams. I hope that this research helps to expand our understanding of resistance and oppression, inform interventions focused on the wellness and liberation of Black women, activists, and broader Black communities, and inform resistance practices: mental health/emotional support capacities and actions related to liberatory dreams. To be eligible, you must be a Black woman (18+) living in Baltimore city. 


Location of the study: In person interview in Baltimore city (at UMBC or a public location in the city chosen by the participant and interviewer).*If you are interested but only available online, please still contact me!


Time frame (length of recruitment): Recruitment is estimated to end July 2023.

How participants will be compensated for their participation: Participants will receive $20 for their participation via electronic payment. Participants will also be able to share their thoughts on initial results and stay in contact for the final product. 

Additional information (e.g., website/survey link):



Contact information of Primary Investigation/Investigator:

Danielle Black


If you would like your mental health research related to Black Mental Wellness featured on our site, please contact, and a Black Mental Wellness team member will follow up with you. 

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