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"Afro-Caribbean Christians Lived Experience of Schizophrenia"

Purpose and description of the study (including research methods):

Research shows Afro-Caribbeans are up to six times more likely to receive a diagnosis of schizophrenia than their white counterparts and for several decades this controversy remains an ongoing debate. Despite many Afro-Caribbeans often reporting a spiritual or cultural significance to their experience, these views are rarely considered by mental health services or practitioners. The purpose of this study is to gain an understanding of the lived experience of schizophrenia for Afro-Caribbean Christians. It is hoped the research will give you the opportunity to have you voice and experience heard and to inspire change within mental health services and promote a culturally inclusive healthcare system that respects the diversity of cultural and religious beliefs.


Your participation will involve an inform conversation for approximately 60minutes, about your experience of schizophrenia and how you feel your faith and culture influenced your interpretation of your experience.

Location of the study: Microsoft Teams video call

Time frame (length of recruitment): Recruitment closes at the end of November 2023 (possibly sooner depending on volume of interest)

How participants will be compensated for their participation: N/A

Additional information (e.g., website/survey link): Interested participants can email the primary investigator Maelaudene Campbell at


Contact information of Primary Investigation/Investigator: Maelaudene Campbell


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