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National Training Program

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Since 2019, the Black Mental Wellness ®, Corp., National Training Program has connected undergraduate students, graduate students, and early career professionals with a mental health professional for an extensive training experience through our:

 Through our various programs, trainees receive:

  • A minimum of virtual bi-weekly communication with a mental health professional (mentees do not need to live in a specific location to apply)

  • Monthly didactics

  • Guidance and support regarding professional and personal development

  • Knowledge about organizational development

  • Opportunities to enhance leadership skills

  • Community involvement in programs and content related to Black mental health and wellness

  • Opportunities to contribute to content produced by Black Mental Wellness
















The Black Mental Wellness Mentor program connects behavioral health professionals who are interested in mentoring, with undergraduate and graduate students. Our hope is that through this mentorship program and wealth of experiences and knowledge that students receive, it will help to prepare students for a future career in a mental health related field.


Dr. Dana Cunningham

Vice President, Community Outreach and Engagement

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