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Holiday Activities

 The holiday season can be difficult for a number of reasons, including distance from loved ones, coping with grief and loss, and stress associated with shopping and gift giving.  While it is common for people to isolate and detach from others during the holiday season and avoid activities they used to enjoy prior to having a difficult time, that behavior tends to increase feelings of sadness and loneliness. As psychologists, we recommend engaging in Behavioral Activation, which is the identification of and consistent engagement in pleasurable activities to improve your mood.


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Practicing Wholeness during the Holidays

 Remaining whole and healthy during the holidays can be difficult at times. If you will be in environments that remind you of a previous trauma, interact with someone who has caused you harm, are grieving the loss of a loved one, or adjusting to the declining health of a friend or family member, those events can contribute to a significant amount of distress and cause you to feel overwhelmed. This list is intended to provide ideas and brief suggestions related to incorporating the practice of self-love and engaging in self-care during the holidays.


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Getting a Fresh Start for the New Year

 We’ve all been there before- making grand proclamations in December about what we will do differently in the new year, but by the time March rolls around, we can barely remember what our resolutions were or we feel overwhelmed with trying to accomplish everything we set out to do. Well, Black Mental Wellness wants to help you achieve all of your goals in the coming year. These tips should help you get your new year off to a great start and stay on track!


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Healing Through loss During the Holidays

 Following the death of a close family member or a friend, the holidays may begin to take on a different meaning. You may notice that things which previously represented happy memories during this season such as Christmas trees, family dinner during Thanksgiving, festive music, and seasonal movies, may begin to serve as reminders of your loss. What once was the happiest time of year may now be filled with sorrow and grief.


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