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Healing is a journey

Healing is a deeply personal journey, and what it means to you may be different from what it means to others. As you’re on this journey, it’s important to determine what healing means for you. Healing is a journey! An ongoing, lifelong process. But that’s the beauty of this journey— it doesn’t end. There is always more room to grow. So, why not embrace the journey? Check out our, Healing is a Journey Self-Care Toolbox, developed by Black Mental Wellness Mentees and Ambassadors.

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A Guide to Your Healing

Healing is a Journey! Over the course of a week, Black Mental Wellness mentees and ambassadors collaborated to create the, Healing is a Journey, Social Media Campaign. This initiative was designed to explore the various aspects of healing.

We invite you to visit Black Mental Wellness' social media pages (IG: @BlackMentalWellness, Facebook: Black Mental Wellness) to access the full campaign. As you look through this document, we encourage you to ask yourself, "What does healing mean to you?"

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