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Brother to Brother

Brother to Brother was developed in collaboration with Black Mental Wellness trainees to amplify the voices of Black men. This initiative highlights the personal stories of Black men who have experienced mental health concerns and/or life stressors, and how they found a pathway to healing and triumph.  


Throughout the month of June we will share the vulnerable stories of Black men on our Black Mental Wellness platforms (Website, social media, Youtube), which will feature:

  • Panel discussion

  • One-on-one conversations

  • Videos

  • Written statements

Our hope is that these vulnerable conversations will help to reduce the mental health stigma, and empower Black men to seek the help and resources they need to heal.

June 17, 2024, we hosted a virtual panel discussion, which featured Joyson Balisamore, Brennan Allan Steele, Kyle Toon, and Mark Tuggle.


Panelists shared their personal stories and experiences, were vulnerable, and addressed topics such as Black men and mental health, fatherhood, masculinity, therapy, healing, coping strategies, and so much more.


This panel was much needed. Thank you to each of our panelists for your vulnerability and helping to create a safe space for Black men to heal.

A Vulnerable Dialogue Series for Black Men

Trials to Triumph

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