Black Mental Wellness, Corp.
Washington, D.C. 20001


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Black Mental Wellness Mission Statement

Black Mental Wellness is a community dedicated to the mental health and wellness of all Black people to include adults, children, adolescents, and members of Black families. Black Mental Wellness was founded by Black Clinical Psychologists, who through their training and expertise, recognized the need for culturally competent professionals to collaborate and address mental health issues that are prevalent and unique to the experiences of Black people. 


The overall goal of Black Mental Wellness is to provide access to Black centered evidenced-based information about psychological, psychiatric, and behavioral health topics; and to highlight the diversity of mental health professionals working to decrease the mental illness stigma and to decrease the mental health disparities of access to care and treatment in the Black community.










Black Mental Wellness will shift the narrative of mental health in the Black community through:

  • Curating a space for Black people to connect with Black mental health professionals; 

  • Providing Black centered evidenced-based information on common mental illnesses;

  • Clarifying common misconceptions about mental health in Black communities;

  • Addressing mental health topics and factors that are current and relevant to the experience of Black people; and

  • Providing ways to manage stressors through coping skills, relaxation strategies, stress management skills, and other means of self-care.


In addition to supporting the work of mental health professionals, we will also collaborate with other professionals and experts who are committed to working with Black people such as church clergy, educators, and community advocates. 

Let’s progress together from surviving, to thriving, to soaring!