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Black Mental wellness Mentorship program

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The Black Mental Wellness team is excited about mentoring the next generation of mental health professionals of color.

​Since 2019, the Black Mental Wellness team has been working with undergraduate, graduate students, and individuals in the middle of a gap year and in need of career guidance. In 2021, we expanded our mentorship program to include additional mentors who have a range of knowledge and expertise.  

Mentees in our program are matched with a mental health professional over the course of an academic school year.  Throughout the year, mentees receive:

  • A minimum of virtual bi-weekly communication with a mental health professional

  • Guidance and support regarding professional and personal development

  • Opportunities to enhance leadership skills

  • Opportunities to contribute to content produced by Black Mental Wellness

2023-2024 Mentees

Previous Mentee Cohorts

Mentee Programs


Black Mental Wellness recognizes the invaluable benefits of mentoring the next generation of mental health and behavioral health providers of color. This initiative is being developed and implemented in collaboration with our trainees.

Brother to Brother: My Story was developed to amplify the voices of Black men and their range of experiences including how you have navigated mental health concerns, other life stressors, and how you found a pathway to healing and triumph.  


Contact for more information

Dr. Dana Cunningham

Vice President, Community Outreach and Engagement

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