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Black Mental Wellness


Black Mental Wellness curates retreat experiences for individuals or corporations to help individuals and groups self-reflect, elevate, and revive your inner peace in a safe environment.


Each retreat experience that we develop is different and will help you to explore various aspects of healing, personal growth, relaxation, transformation, and connection. Our hope is that through attending one of our retreat experiences that you will reach new heights in your life and learn new to strategies to help you heal and reach your fullest potential.    

If you are interested in Black Mental Wellness facilitating a retreat experience for a group or organization please email Dr. Jessica Henry,, for more information.

Upcoming Black Mental Wellness


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Transcend Wellness Retreat




Sound Healing

Gentle Movement



Wellness Activities 


Interpersonal Connection


The Experience

  • Intimate retreat space

  • Meals included (Continental Breakfast and Hot Lunch)

  • Dynamic wellness facilitators 

  • Safe space for Black women

  • Interactive wellness activities

  • Black Mental Wellness, Wellness Kit

  • **Space is limited**


Welcome to the Transcend Wellness Retreat!

Date: September 7, 2024 (Change of Date)

Time: 9a-5p/EST

Location: Wellspring Manor & Spa, Upper Marlboro, Maryland

We know that navigating your career, life, family, activities, and stress can get overwhelming at times. We have curated a rejuvenating wellness experience to help you to self-reflect, elevate, and revive your inner peace. With the help of guest facilitators, our hope is that through attending this retreat, we will help Black women transcend to new heights in all areas of your life!


It's time for you to focus on your well-being, and immerse yourself in a day filled with a gentle movement session, meditation practices, and mindfulness activities. Our experienced retreat facilitators will guide you through various techniques to help you relax and recharge.


You will also be able to connect with like-minded individuals and discover new ways to nurture your body, mind, and soul. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your wellness journey.


Payment plan options are available. Email Dr. Jessica Henry, for more information. All payments must be received by August 31, 2024. 


Reserve your spot today!


Transcend Wellness Retreat



Transcend Wellness Retreat

For more information or any questions please email

Dr. Jessica Henry

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