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Meet the team

who we are

Black Mental Wellness ® is a corporation, founded by clinical psychologists, who through their training and expertise, recognized the need for culturally competent professionals to collaborate and address mental health issues that are prevalent and unique to the experiences of Black people. 

We are passionate about addressing mental health and wellness concerns specific to the Black community, and our team has a diverse range of education and specialized training to meet this task.

meet Our founders

Nicole L. Cammack, PhD

President and CEO

Danielle R. Busby, PhD

Vice President,

Professional Relations and Liaison

Dana L. Cunningham, PhD

Vice President,

Community Outreach & Engagement

Jessica S. Henry, PhD

Vice President,

Program Development & Evaluation

What We Provide

  • Culturally sensitive resources and coping strategies.

  • Black Mental Wellness brand ambassador program

  • Black Mental Wellness student training opportunities: Internship and mentorship training programs

  • Quarterly mental health newsletter

  • Mental health and wellness merchandise

  • Spotlights on professionals and community advocates in the mental health field

  • Presentations and trainings

  • Workshops

  • Networking opportunities 

ways We Would Like to Collaborate

​Our goal is to improve Black mental health and wellness, and we cannot do it independently.  We need partnerships, collaborations, and the community to help us accomplish our mission. 


Is there a way you would like to partner or collaborate with our team? Email us at, and we would love to explore ways to make it happen together.

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