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Have you ever wondered whether you, a family member, or a friend was struggling with a mental health disorder? Did you try searching online, but the information did not seem to explain the symptoms in a way that was relevant to you? For example, many times, Black/African Americans may describe physical or somatic symptoms when experiencing distress (e.g., “My nerves are so bad.” or “My back hurts all the time.”), instead of using typical mental health terms.


To account for these differences, Black Mental Wellness offers various culturally responsive fact sheets that describe mental health disorders and information related to diagnoses and symptoms, coping and wellness strategies, and information on accessing treatment.  

These fact sheets are not intended to replace any psychological treatment with a licensed mental health provider.  If you notice that you are struggling with a mental health condition, please seek treatment from a licensed mental health provider. 


If you experience any urgent symptoms such as suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts, self-harming behaviors, or persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, or chronic difficulties with managing life, please seek immediate treatment from a licensed mental health provider. 

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