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We are available to provide a range of services related to mental health and wellness to you and/or your organization including:

  • Corporate webinars and professional development trainings on a range of mental health topics

  • Culturally inclusive mental health and wellness trainings

  • Trainings and workshops that are available on a range of topics related to coping with racial stressors and trauma

  • Speaking engagements and panel discussions

  • Retreat facilitation and content development

Services specific to children and youth

  • Professional development, consultation, and webinars for schools, school districts, and youth organizations

  • Curriculum development

  • Social and emotional learning based training and workshops for educators, students, and youth organizations

  • Examples of trainings and workshops that are specific to youth:

    • Introduction to Mental Health

    • Why Do We Need Emotions Anyway?: Exploring Self-Awareness and Our Relationships with Others

    • Understanding Trauma

    • They Might Think I am Crazy: Addressing Mental Health Stigma

    • Teachers Just Don't Understand: Increasing Effective Communication with Students and Families

    • Helping Students Cope with Perceived Racism, Prejudice, and Bias, 

  • Consultation Services​​

    • We offer mental health and personal development consultations specific to each organization/individual needs

    • During the initial consultation, we will discuss your specific needs and goals of the consultation, services that we provide, and we will develop a proposal outlining a proposed plan.  

Please contact us for more information:


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