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5 Steps to Overcoming Life-Limiting Behaviors

Guest Contributor

Romal Tune

Author of, Love is an Inside Job

Instagram: @RomalTune

Throughout my life, there have been things that I’ve wanted to change about me. My goal is to become the best version of myself. I believe this is something most people desire. The problem is that sometimes we beat ourselves up and even worse judge ourselves when we miss the mark because our thoughts or behaviors are not in alignment with who we truly desire to be in the world. Through therapy, I learned how to stop judging myself and engage in an intentional process of change that aligns my behavior with the person I desire to become and to do so without guilt or self-shaming when I make mistakes. Here’s the process below. You may find it helpful on your journey of becoming the best version of you in your lifetime.

5 Steps to Overcoming Life-Limiting Behaviors


Observe your behavior while in the act of doing what you don’t want to do, without judging yourself.


Call your behavior what it is, rather than ignoring it. The difference between awareness and acknowledgment: Awareness is like being in the grocery store and seeing someone you know. If you avoid talking to them because you don’t want to be bothered, you are aware of that person, but you chose not to acknowledge them. Acknowledgment is going over and speaking to the person. Accept the reality of your behavior and what you are doing and name it.


Offer yourself grace. You are not your behavior. You are not the emotions attached to your actions. You are a child of the Divine. God made you. He loves you unconditionally! Brutal honesty must be connected to relentless grace. There is no healing without grace. Beauty is at the core of forgiving and healing. Be kind to yourself.