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#LetsJustBeHonest2020: Jameel “C.H.A.O.S.” Laboo

Author and Speaker


Jameel Laboo was born July 13, 1983 in Newark, New Jersey. As the second oldest of his mom's six kids and the fourth oldest of his father's eight, he struggled to express his feelings without being judged.

Growing up under poor conditions was the life he was faced with and he was longing for some relief. Writing poetry was the beginning of his creative journey releasing his feelings in a way many would not understand. That was up until he heard the late Tupac Shakur. After that his poetry turned into rap lyrics.

Becoming more comfortable with his music, he began entering many local showcases, quickly becoming a local celebrity. In every song you heard his pain and his desire to want more out of life. Sadly, his career took a turn for the worse. Jameel was incarcerated due to engaging in "street life" activities. His time in prison wasn't long, but being in trouble became repetitive. Even while going through his personal trials, his vision remained positive. While others felt they were stuck, he always knew there was a way out. He lived by the motto, "Just because I came from the bottom, doesn't mean I have to stay there".

Welcoming the birth of his first child was all the motivation he needed and more. Being raised with his father in and out of prison, Jameel was determined to break that cycle. He ventured off into different businesses, and added acting and writing scripts to his resume, all while still pursuing his music career. Now going by the name "C.H.A.O.S" (Creating Happiness After One Suffers), his goal was to change the negative mind state of many who surrounded him.

In an effort to become the voice he desired to be, Jameel wrote his first motivational book called "Signs," aimed to help kids going through anxiety and depression by telling his own personal story to gain other's trust with sharing theirs. Showing them that we all can win as long as it's in our hearts. Not by luck but by being genuine. Most of all constantly preaching that if we become contagious with good energy, it'll spread long past our physical existence. "My Biggest Fear Is Dying, And No One Benefitted From My Living." His goal is to encourage more people to become aware of mental illness amongst the youth.

Can you provide us with a brief description of your SIGNS project?

SIGNS: We All Could Be Better Parents, is a nonfictional novel showing the effects of anxiety, depression, and peer pressure amongst our youth. A heartbreaking story of an 11yr old girl, written from a father's point of view. A girl who longs for acceptance from her peers. While battling whether to maintain her morals or let them go to fit in. She's a true mirror of what today's kids are dealing with in silence. A crowd of mixed emotions that they feel they're experiencing alone. That often leads them to thoughts of self-harm or regretfully suicide. DON'T MISS THE SIGNS. SIGNS is available on Amazon.

How do you plan to promote mental health and wellness?

My focus is on mental illness amongst our youth. In an effort to become the voice of mental health advocacy in my community, I wrote my first motivational book called "Signs". My aim is to help kids going through anxiety and depression. My goal is to change the negative mind state of those that surround me. I plan to share my personal story to gain the trust of others. I want to show them that we all can win as long as it's in our hearts. Currently, I am looking to network with those who share an interest in mental health advocacy.

Guest Contributor

Jameel “Chaos” Laboo is is the author of the novel, SIGNS: We All Could Be Better Parents, and owner of the Never Change Motivation Entertainment LLC. Chaos aims to use his life experiences to help as many as he possibly can.

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