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#LetsJustBeHonest2020: Nicholas Feemster

Updated: Jun 11, 2020


Nicholas Feemster (NiccoFeem) is a hip-hop artist from Maryland whose music covers a wide variety of topics related to mental health focused on telling the truth no matter the consequences. He is the grandson of the platinum selling artist Herb Fame from Peaches & Herb who are responsible for hits like “Reunited” and “Shake Your Groove Thing”.

He created an Instagram/YouTube series titled “Lets Just Be Honest” in which he discusses several sensitive topics related to his personal life including, depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse, insecurity, and more. The series has generated well over 100,000 views collectively in only 6 months reaching fans across the world that relate to the same problems.

His debut album Tragic Hero tells a dark story full of self-realization, failure, anger, and fear, which lead him to the path he is on now. He aims to alleviate the stigma associated with mental health treatment by exposing his own demons in a way that is impactful, relatable, and honest.

"I teamed up with @blackmentalwellness for this video because I want to be honest about therapy and it’s benefits. After graduating college, I went to see a therapist because my life was falling apart. I thought I had my life figured out as a 23-year-old college graduate. I had a thriving consulting company, a long-term girlfriend, and money in my pocket. Sounds like success right? I was horribly wrong. It didn’t take long for me to realize my life was becoming the opposite of what I actually wanted. I hated consulting along with the relationship I was committed too. It was extremely toxic, manipulative, and emotionally draining. I clung onto these things because I was insecure and didn't believe I had the strength to demand better. I wanted to seem happy instead of actually being happy. I was alone with no family around in a foreign state so I held onto anything I could for survival even if it went against my own values.

I regrettably neglected my dreams of becoming a musician not even realizing it’s what makes me who I am.