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Veterans Day 2018

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Guest Contributor:

Ivy Edwards-Sledge

Veteran of the United States Army


I lost a dear friend/Sister in Desert Storm and suffered from survivor's guilt. Minutes only separated me from being in the very spot where she lost her life. I know that many of you- just like me, have been plagued with guilt for far too long. It's time to take back our power. We were on an assignment and we completed our assignment with no ill intent. We could not predict nor did we desire any of the negative outcomes that happened as a result of us performing our assignment. How can we feel guilty about that?

Top 5 Coping Strategies

1. Stay in the moment. Realize and recognize that you are not "there."

2. Get connected to resources that will push you past your fears. Be willing to communicate

what you are going through. Communication helps you understand the pain, which is half the battle. The other half of the battle is management. It's hard to manage what we don't see- the mental pain. Being able to communicate about our pain in a way that gives it physical characteristics allows others to understand how to treat it.

3. Seek help. Understand that when you share your experiences, the burden is not as heavy. The more you hold on to, the more weighed down you will feel. Free yourselves from that unneeded pain.

4. Be open-minded. Accept the fact that you have a "new normal."

5. Trust the process. Be willing to receive help and follow through with your care plan.