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More Than a Barber

Guest Contributor

Pier Jeffries

Master Barber

This is my life and I want to live it the best way that I know how. I asked the Lord to guide me on this journey, and I decided that becoming a barber really makes me happy. Prior to me going after this goal, I worked on jobs that were stressful at times, but I never lost focus of my larger vision. There were other things that I needed to accomplish such as serving in the military, receiving a Bachelor's Degree, and working as a Correction's Officer.

I am currently a Master Barber in Richmond, VA. Since I started barbering, I have met a range of people from different backgrounds, with varying medical and mental health conditions. For example, I work with clients with Alopecia (hair loss) and provide quality care and sensitivity to the discomfort that these clients may experience when visiting a barber. In addition, I work with clients who have been diagnosed with Autism Disorder. It has been my experience that by being a good listener to all of my clients despite any differences, providing a comfortable environment in the barber shop, and being patient, that I can also help them to improve their low self-esteem, depression, and help them to feel more secure about themselves.

I now know that I made the right decision and career choice in becoming a barber. I've had clients that lacked confidence and needed some reassurance, and they got both after seeing the final outcome of their hair. I know now that I've accomplished my mission in choosing the right career.


“Who we are is not defined by a box. When I live by others’ expectations of what I should do, then I limit who I am and can not be true to myself.”

Guest Contributor

Pier Jeffries (Master Barber)

Supremes Hairstyling Lounge

400 North 1st Street

Richmond, VA 23219

Phone: (804) 647-5850

Instagram: @chopitup_pee

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