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Black Mental Wellness 2019-2020 Mentee: Tida Tambedou

Updated: Feb 19, 2021


Tida Tambedou was born in Washington, DC, and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. She is currently attending Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, where she is pursuing a B.S in Psychology.

Tida developed a strong passion for mental health when she enrolled in Advanced Placement Psychology in high school. From there, she began to intern in mentoring and community health programs sponsored by the Girls Scouts of the Nation’s Capital (GSCNC). Observing how her mentees benefited from mental health techniques such as self-care and mindfulness contributed to her interest in psychology and mental health. As a Spelman student, Tida has had the opportunity to participate in on and off-campus internships, where she is able to exercise her passion for mental health.

As the secretary for the Spelman So Psyched Psychology Club, she has helped plan various events centered around mental health such as affordable self-care, mindfulness and meditation, and volunteer opportunities in mental health. Tida is very passionate about informing her Spelman community on the importance of mental health. Tida has also had the opportunity to volunteer at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC, where she played an administrative role in the Behavioral and Translational Science department.

Following graduation, Tida plans to pursue a master’s degree in Social Work and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She is broadly interested in providing psychological services for women with marginalized backgrounds, particularly victims of domestic violence. Tida also plans to conduct research in domestic violence and mitigating factors such as substance abuse and psychiatric history.

Outside of school and other commitments, Tida enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family, and traveling abroad.


What does Black Mental Wellness mean to you?

In my opinion, Black Mental Wellness means creating resources to help those in the Black community to better understand the importance of mental health and healthy coping