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Guest Contributor: Brennan Steele

Author, Speaker, Former Educator, and Therapist-in-Training

How do you promote change and well-being in the Black community?

I provide content and resources that support the healing and wholeness of Black men. Specifically, I have published two guided journals, "breathe: a guided healing journal for Black men" and "transform: a guided journal for new Black fathers," each of which seek to create space for experiences that aren't traditionally highlighted in our mainstream culture. Through such resources created with Black men in mind specifically, it is my hope to be able to provide the foundations for healing, mental well-being, and holistic wellness.


Tell us about your educational and/or professional training, and current area of expertise related to mental health and wellness?

I am currently finishing up my master’s degree in clinical Mental Health Counseling. This degree along with my background as educator come together to inform the way I share my expertise. I seek to not only provide space for folks and clients but also provide alternative methods of entry and education around mental health.

What are your recommendations for ending stigma in the Black community?

As it relates to Black men specifically, it is important that we expand our understanding of masculinity. Traditionally, it has been seen as feminine or a sign of weakness for a man to share his emotions. We also perpetuate the idea that to be a man means to be Superman and push through despite the impact of our lived experiences. Black men must give themselves permission to seek help and be honest about how they are feeling, and then encourage other brothers to do the same.


What are your top 5 favorite wellness and self-care strategies?

  1. Journaling - I think it is so helpful to put our thoughts somewhere else so that we don't continue to ruminate.

  2. Exercise - Our physical and mental health are connected. Exercise helps me regulate my emotions as much as it helps me maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  3. Mindfulness - Practicing meditation or just being more mindful of the present moment helps me be more in tune with myself and respond to unmet needs.

  4. Community - We are made for community. Having close family and trusted friends is a game-changer!

  5. Rest - Rest is a posture, not just the absence of activity. Giving myself space to both be physically and mentally in spaces of rest as been super important.



Guest Contributor

Brennan Allan Steele is a best-selling author, speaker, former educator, and therapist-in-training. He spent five years teaching math and leading the social-emotional learning curriculum at local schools in Memphis. Through this experience and his personal journey, he became really interested in mental health and published "breathe: a guided mental health journal for Black men" that has now sold over 25,000 copies across the world. Recently, he released his second journal, "transform: a guided journal for new Black fathers," which aims to support Black men as the adjust their role as a father. Brennan’s hope is that his work ignites generational healing for all as individuals start by doing the work of seeking help for their own mental health. Outside of his passions, he loves spending time with his wife, Adrianna and his one-year-old, Mia.

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