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You're Enough

Guest Contributor:

Dequan Starnes (Q-Starnes)

Recording Artist

What does Black Mental Wellness mean to you?

Mental wellness means so much to me because I just think us meaning (our people) in general has went through so many things as a race and overcame so much I don't think we take the time to actually self evaluate ourselves and focus in on our mental health the way we should. If you look around at all the things we've been through as a whole anybody would know we've been through a lot mentally especially being that most of us are trapped in oppression. Or came from tough backgrounds mental wellness is everything because that's something systematically that we're not taught growing up or even considered. They teach us one way tough be tough or hide our true feelings and conceal our sensitive side and we become stuck in our routine of generational lessons and going to church is the only way we're taught to deal with our mental health. But it definitely runs way deeper than that because many times in the church upbringing you have to uphold a certain image in front of your church family so many times your real feelings or things you're dealing with mentally are never addressed. When in church you should be the most transparent but a lot of times you're afraid of the judgement. So to me mental wellness is everything which is why I wrote my new record "You're Enough" to began with.

How do you promote change and well-being in the Black community?

I promote change and well being in the community by simply being transparent in my music and-or interviews and self help podcasts about my own struggles and how I had to better myself and overcame my trials and tribulations I show and promote that by living a positive and healthy lifestyle as a reflection for people that look like me to see and follow as a blue print to success. I've also developed many relationships with local organizations and schools that tutor and educate and guide student athletes on how to do better academically in the classroom and take care of themselves both physically and mentally it all coincides together. Iv'e coached at many different basketball organizations and help guide the careers of athletes from adolescents ages up to college. So I definitely have played a major role in this community promoting change and wellbeing for sure.

What are some upcoming events you are leading, that promote mental health and wellness, that you would like for our Black Mental Wellness audience to know about?

I will be attending an event supporting a friend of mines end of march. He also asked me to be a guest performer at his event in May called the Mental Health Galla I'm extremely excited about that. I should have more details posted via social media soon.

How can we encourage more people to seek mental health treatment?

We can encourage people to seek mental health treatment by first taking accountability for ourselves and having the courage to seek help for ourselves first. Once we began to grow within our own struggles we can then pass on the resources we've used and began having conversation within our own communities. But it all starts with the conversation and from that point on we create more dialogue around the topic and host events that encourage people to seek the help that they need.

How do you make time for your own wellness and self-care?

I mediate daily and I'm also coached by my mentor with 25+ years experience in mental health. He's recommended me many self help books and gave me a few different meditation tools to use in my daily routine along with reading a bible scripture a day.

What resources do you find most helpful to encourage mental health and wellness?

Please visit or email

One Love Community Services, Inc.

723 West Innes Street Salisbury, North Carolina 28144

PH 980-330-7000 During the Day

Guest Contributor

Monroe, North Carolina native recording artist Q-Starnes releases a new single bringing awareness to mental health dedicating his new song self-titled “You’re Enough” to the teens and people in general around the world suffering from depression. Starnes who's been in this music for 10+years. Has been on stages since he was around 8 years old. Music has always been in his family for many years, and he knew early on what his true calling on life was. And that was to write and create records to inspire and motivate people. In 2011 Q-Starnes released "The Making Of A Legend" and the rest was history. The project quickly started to catch fire in his region and soon after the momentum hit its zenith, he gave it all up to focus on his relationship with God. After working through a few personal struggles with his mental health music began to call his spirit once again and that's when his cousin Randeezee and himself decided to go all in and become NHA. Starnes is the oldest of 4 boys raised by a single parent mother. Being the oldest in the home He's seen and heard the many issues of today's teenagers simply because he has younger siblings who speak heavily about the use of social media and kids battling depression because they're so caught up in the lifestyles of high-status people, YouTube influencers etc. Starnes believes teenagers even more now than ever are being misled to believe that having tons of materialistic things matter more than life itself. "What inspired me to make this new record was the day that I was reading headlines of so many teenagers committing suicide and how extremely high the suicide rate was just in the last 3 years" said Starnes. Who added "It influenced me to realize students these days and even adults sometimes just need some encouragement especially during a time as such with so much going on during this COVID season." "I myself have battled depression and am choosing to be transparent in my struggle" said Starnes. Who added "I simply want people to know the more positive outlook you have on your life and the more gratitude you show for the things you have, Will surely lead to you being in a more happier place mentally.

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