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Top Five Coping Strategies

Guest Contributor

LeDerick Horne

Poet, Speaker, Advocate

1. Talking

Like many people, I tend to spend way too much time thinking about the problems I have to face. I have found that talking to people about the issues I am worrying about helps me feel better, and it helps me take the step from pondering to real world execution. Regularly opening up to family, friends and seeing a therapist can help make you happier and become more productive.

2. Moving

There is no substitute for regular exercise. Throughout the week, I box, run and strength train. Working out can make you feel more confident, assertive, and give you energy to power through your day.

3. Breathing

Meditation has become an important part of my morning routine. There are many benefits to taking a few minutes each day to connect with your breath - just concentrating on breathing and feeling yourself inhale and exhale can help calm you down, focus, and re-center.

4. Writing

I have a draft email that I use to write journal entries. Some days I write a list of things I am grateful for and other entries are just an opportunity for me to articulate what I am feeling at the time. Whether you use a blog, paper book, or a series of post-it-notes; writing is a great strategy to help relieve anxiety.

5. Building

We should all have a passion project - something that pushes us to learn and do things which are new and exciting. I encourage you to find something that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. It might be writing that book you have been thinking about for years, supporting the work of a nonprofit, or running your first marathon (all projects I am currently working on), but we should always have something we are creating or an exciting goal we are working to accomplish.

Guest Contributor

LeDerick Horne

Labeled with a learning disability in third grade, LeDerick Horne defies any and all labels. He’s a dynamic spoken-word poet. A tireless advocate for all people with disabilities. An inspiring motivational speaker. A bridge-builder between learners and leaders across the U.S. and around the world. LeDerick is the coauthor of the book “Empowering Students with Hidden Disabilities: A Path to Pride and Success”, and he uses his gift for spoken-word poetry as the gateway to larger discussions on equal opportunity, self-determination and hope for people with disabilities. You can learn more about LeDerick and his work on these platforms:

YouTube Channel:

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